From all of us here at Triune Studios, we want to thank you for being interested in our upcoming MMORPG War of Dragnorox. We are a small team with a huge amount of passion. We're working hard to you bring you the ultimate MMORPG experience and we know War of Dragnorox will take the next step forward in the MMORPG genre.

What makes War of Dragnorox different?

War of Dragnorox is a Dynamic Warfare MMORPG. Essentially, WoD will have live Dungeon Masters controlling and manipulating the world as you adventure through it and wage serverwide warfare in the quest to defeat Dragnorox and his minions. It's an incredibly unique experience and the direction we believe the genre should have taken instead of cash shops and handing things to players without real adventure.

When will WoD release?

We are currently targeting at an open beta in September of 2023.

Logos and Artwork

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