Gameplay Trailer & Game Overview

Your interaction with thousands of other players determines the events and nature of your world. No two worlds are the same. The community works together and against each other to push the world forward in the War against Dragnorox and his minions.

What is War of Dragnorox?

War of Dragnorox is a Sandbox Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) that uses a dynamic warfare system to allow Dungeon Masters, to shape the world and create a dynamic experience for players as they adventure through the world. Everytime you step into the world of Morgath, whether you're raiding, grouping, crafting, soloing, or just exploring, the world will be changing and evolving giving you a new experience constantly. It's an ever-evolving massive world for you to adventure in.

A Dynamic Warfare MMORPG

Every single day there are events, quests, resources crafted and harvested, mobs to kill, items to build up, zones to unlock, bosses to fight all controlled by live Dungeon Masters on the backend of the game who are constantly evolving the world, elevating the story and personalizing your adventure.

A True Dungeon Experience

Actual real life "dungeon masters" are constantly controlling gameplay and elements within the world. Spawning hordes, special mobs, treasure, triggering traps, opening secret passages and increasing the dynamic nature of the adventure. No day or dungeon run is the same.

About the World

War of Dragnorox will launch with around 30 zones with different biomes, dungeons, secrets, unlockable zones, hidden passages, traps, treasure and more. A true Sandbox MMORPG, WoD will focus on allowing players to explore a world with no hand-holding, world map, or level scaling. Our passion is to introduce a truly dangerous world where exploration and traveling can be difficult but highly rewarding.

World Map

Highly Immersive

We're committed to creating a fully immersive experience. Minimalist UI. No flying damage counters, no distracting UI elements. No in game map. Player to player trading. First person view choice.


Wars, Carnivals, Holiday Events, Dragon Attacks, Town raids and more! Every day there's new events, quests, and things shaping the world into its own unique story.

Discover Rare Treasure & Gear

Some items exist only one time in the world. Stats and gear is extremely valuable. Huge increase to character progression as character abilities and effectiveness is highly dependent upon gear. Cosmetics improve with higher gear. No gear rating system, all gear is valuable and based on stats. Everything you earn is from in-game play.

Purified MMO

No cash shop, exp boost, cosmetic or any game item of any kind will ever be sold in WoD ever. We believe in the purity of gameplay. No cash shop of any kind exists in War of Dragnorox. No experience boosts, pre-order bonuses, cosmetics, accomplishments or anything. Any and all items including gear, experience, visuals, etc... is 100% earned through in-game play and there will be no exceptions of any kind at any point in the lifetime of War of Dragnorox.