Gameplay Progress Overview

Welcome to the game progression update page for War of Dragnorox. Every time we hit a major milestone or completion of something important, we will update this page. This page represents the major milestones we have left to complete before our beta testing begins. If anything, we want to be very conservative in how we approach this as we know how missing deadlines can be highly disappointing to everyone interested in our game. We want to hit our milestones and also progress as quickly as possible, while not sacrificing quality. Obviously, this is always a tricky balance, but we have a great level of progress made thus far. If you haven't already, make sure to signup for our beta. Not only will you be included in the beta test, but also we will have short bursts of alpha testing as well.

Overall Progress: 68%

Core Game Build

Currently, the initial game build, servers, and client have all been built out for War of Dragnorox. Culminating in the final week of December 2021, our first real online play test with all functional prototypes and components was completed. If given the opportunity, people could login to the game and play today. We were very proud of this milestone and look forward to finishing the build and polish of our world for you to enjoy. The final components are menu's and the character creator. Once this has been completed, we will begin alpha tests.

  • Initial Character Player Build and Controls - 100%
  • Initial Character Mesh Buildout - 100%
  • Basic Character Statistics Hookup - 100%
  • Networking Pipeline and Setup - 100%
  • Persistent Database and Environment Setup - 100%
  • Core GUI - 100%
  • Menu's - 50%
  • Character Creator - 100%


Of the 30+ zones we will have on launch, we have completed the initial build and layout for approximately 24 of our final zones. Each one of these zones still needs final polish, audio, and inclusion of AI. We anticipate this final stage of build will take only a few months of work before we prepare for beta.

  • Initial Grayboxing, Layout, & Planning - 100%
  • Overall World Build - 85%
  • World Polish & Enhancement - 5%
  • World Optimizations - 0%
  • Audio Build and Placement - 10%

Combat & Play

Combat prototyping and layout is fully functional and ready to go. Classes are currently being built out and completed as we speak.

  • Initial Prototypes - 100%
  • Projectiles - 100%
  • Character Classes Buildout - 35%
  • Stats & Balancing - 20%
  • Animations and Combat Fluidity Testing - 20%
  • Pets - 0%
  • Porting - 50%
  • Resurrections - 20%
  • Factions - 30%
  • Death & Character Binding - 10%


All major networking components within the game have been completed, including optimizations and performance enhancements. The primary components left are how we will handle death and performance tuning for various events such as sieges. We expect these to happen in the coming months. Stay tuned for opportunities for testing.

  • Dedicated Server Deployment - 100%
  • Client Build and Testing - 100%
  • Multi-Server Buildout - 100%
  • Networking Optimizations - 100%
  • Persistence Build and Test - 100%
  • Player Trading & Record Keeping - 100%
  • Character Zoning - 100%
  • Corpse Generation, Dragging, Dropping - 0%
  • Performance Tuning and Testing - 50%


AI combat prototyping and buildout has been completed. Statistics, setup, along with raid encounters are slated to begin progress shortly. Soon thereafter, DM event encounters and final world placement will be completed. We anticipate this to be one of the very last things before the beta testing begins.

  • Initial AI Character Setup & Prototyping - 100%
  • Initial AI Behavior Buildout - 100%
  • AI Stats and Setup - 80%
  • Raid Encounter AI Buildout - 10%
  • DM Event Encounter AI Buildout - 40%
  • AI World Placement - 0%


All major harvesting and crafting prototypes have been completed and built out. Profession prototyping and buildout have been designed, but actual crafting build, polish and world placement have not been completed.

  • Harvestable Crafting Components - 100%
  • Profession Prototyping and Buildout - 100%
  • Crafting Stats Table Buildout - 75%
  • Item Quality Component Statistics - 10%
  • Recipes, Scribing & Crafting Experience - 50%
  • Crafting Station Build - 75%
  • Crafting Finalization and Recipe Build - 0%
  • Harvestable World Placement - 0%


The primary prototyping components of questing, experience and rewards have been built out. We expect questing to be a major feature we are working on over the next year.

  • Initial Questing Prototyping - 100%
  • NPC Build & Quest Design - 0%
  • Story Elements and Incorporation - 10%
  • Questing Rewards and Final Placement - 0%

Dungeon Master & Event Build

DM prototyping is complete. We are now working on the design and event placement within the world. Stay tuned as we expect this to be a major component of our development over the coming year.

  • DM Prototyping - 100%
  • DM Control Build - 20%
  • Event Planning and Testing - 25%